ABOUT ROBIN ROXETTE The story so far...

Robin Roxette career started not as a DJ but as a professional dancer, she truly was an amazing dancer and performed in all the major nightclubs and festivals all over the country. This profession would serve her well. Because of this, she was familiar with performing before thousands of people.

Like many people who work in the music business, Robin was raised in a very musical family. Influenced by her South American mother and a Dutch father she listened to all kinds of different artists such as: The Rolling Stones, Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, Ricky Martin, Boys2Men, Prince, Queen, Bob Marley, etc.
This wide taste of music is still a huge source of inspiration behind Robins music today. It was in 2016 during her performances that she started to notice that more women were starting a career as a DJ. Robin was intrigued by the idea to see a woman behind the turntable, this eventually triggered her to try it herself.

She already had a huge network within the entertainment industry, and not just because of her dancing skills. Besides being a professional dancer, she also enjoyed a very successful modelling career and was a TV host for the Dutch TV channel AT5, where she hosted a music program called ‘Hotspot’. She practiced and prepared for over more than a year to refine her DJ-skills and as a result, she could finally turn a longtime dream into reality

In 2017 Robins career took off immediately when she started to use all the contacts, she gained over the past few years. This clever move resulted in many bookings for the fresh DJ. She soon started playing at all the major clubs and festivals throughout the Netherlands and eventually all over the world. In just a year time, DJ Robin Roxette performed at various international events such as: Los Angeles, Sweden, Germany, Dubai, Surinam, Curacao and Spain. In just 2 years’ time, she gained a great reputation in being a fantastic performer and a wonderful DJ. She even played exclusively at afterparties of multi-platina singer Nicky Jam and worldwide superstar Drake.

Robin knew that it was time to push her music career to the next level. So, in 2019 she teamed up with management company Temazo Music Group, better known for working with artist such as Trobi and the Afro Bros. With a strong management company backing her and her musical talents as an artist, Robin is ready to conquer the world with her own music!